Is Your Landlord Liable for Your Injury?

When we think of personal injury law, most of us think of cases involving what’s called “premises liability.” Premises liability cases are those in which someone is injured as the result of an accident on someone else’s property. In cities, though, almost everyone lives on someone else’s property. If you’re injured at home in your apartment, is your landlord liable? “It’s not that simple,” says Peter Briskin of Fishbeyn & Briskin, P.C. in New York and New Jersey. “Whether your landlord is responsible for your accident depends, with a few exceptions, on whether you were injured in your apartment or in a common area of your building.”
Injuries in Your ApartmentAccording to Briskin, in an apartment situation, the tenant is responsible for his own space. That is, in a broad sense, he is most likely liable for any accident that occurs within his own apartment. However, Briskin says, there are certainly exceptions.

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