Pedestrian Accidents

The attorneys at Fishbeyn & Briskin handle all types of pedestrian accident cases in both New York and New Jersey. Our attorneys have experience in helping clients get rightful compensation for injuries incurred when they have been struck by a moving vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents encompass any situation where a pedestrian is walking through any area and is hit or struck by an automobile, truck, motorcycle, scooter, bicyclist or biker, or any other form of moving vehicle.  Our firm has represented people hit while walking in cross-walks, in parks, in parking lots and a number of other areas where pedestrians and motorized and non-motorized vehicles share public space.

The collision’s effects on the pedestrian’s body can be very severe depending on the circumstances, and could have a permanent effect.  Injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident can be numerous and include:

  • Broken bones – suffered when body parts are run over, or thrown as a result of impact.
  • Neck injuries – including pain due to “whiplash” or intervertebral disc bulging.
  • Head injuries – including concussions, brain damage or skull fractures.
  • Back injuries – pain or swelling to the soft tissue of the back, or injuries to the spinal column requiring surgery.
  • Organs – there is always a possibility of internal bleeding and organ damage when the body is subjected to stresses caused by a pedestrian accident.
  • Joint injuries – depending on the circumstances, joints may be affected by an accident, causing temporary or permanent damage to bones, tendons, or cartilage in the knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles and other joints.

Seeking immediate medical treatment for you injuries is important, both for your own health and for the success of your case. Emergency-room care may be necessary in the event of these injuries, and this may result in surgery or other aggressive treatment to repair damage and possibly to prevent death. Surgical implantation or insertion of metal rods, plates or screws, joint replacement or other invasive procedures may also be necessary depending on the severity of your injuries. Some injuries may leave you fully or partially disabled for either a period of time, or permanently, and will often require ongoing physical therapy.

Medical treatment of injuries suffered by pedestrians can often become quite costly and pile up pretty fast.  The pedestrian accident lawyers at Fishbeyn & Briskin will take all appropriate steps that enable you to obtain any insurance coverage available to offset the costs of medical treatment for your injuries.  In the event we are unable to obtain insurance coverage for your treatment, the costs of these expensive treatments will form part of the damages sought to be recovered against the responsible party in addition to any pain and suffering damages you may be entitled to.

When you reach out to the attorneys at Fishbeyn & Briskin, P.C., expect to be asked questions regarding your accident to help facilitate the pursuit of your case. This includes:

  • Can you provide a description of the accident and how it occurred?
  • What sort of vehicle was involved in the accident? Can you identify the driver?
  • Did you visit a hospital to seek treatment for your injuries? When and where?
  • Did you see any doctors about the injury? Who?
  • Have you received surgery or have a surgery scheduled?
  • Were there any witnesses who saw the accident?
  • Was any official report filed regarding the accident?
  • Can you describe your injuries and any physical or personal limitations they have caused?

These and other questions will help our experienced attorneys evaluate your case and advise you on the best steps to take in pursuit of your claim.

The first step in pursuing your case is to CALL our offices. There is no charge for a consultation, and we will be happy to meet with you at our office, your home or even at the hospital. Each case has unique facts and circumstances that may alter how the case is handled and what you may be entitled to. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can assist you with obtaining medical diagnosis and  treatment in either New York or New Jersey, and can begin the process of investigating your case, including obtaining photographs of your injuries or the scene of the accident as well as obtaining any documents, records or reports that will be important for your financial recovery.  We will also be sure to obtain statements from any witnesses to your accident so that the facts of your accident can remain fresh and be recorded for use as your case progresses to successful resolution.

The financial value of any case varies, and often depends on the severity of your injury, liability as apportioned between the responsible party and possibly yourself as well as the defendant(s) (or their insurer’s) ability to pay. In order to ensure the best possible resolution of your injury matter, it is important to call one of our attorneys as soon as possible.

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