Slip and Fall Accidents

The slip and fall attorneys at Fishbeyn & Briskin, handle all types of cases resulting from slip and fall accidents in New York and New Jersey. Experienced attorneys at our firm have helped numerous clients get compensated for their injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents can occur any time a dangerous condition affects the surfaces we walk on every day. Spilled liquids, ice, rain water, oil, grease loose carpeting or other substances and objects can decrease traction and cause a person to lose their footing and incur a serious and painful injury. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere, but are common in supermarkets, department stores, apartment complexes, lobbies, hotels, stadiums and arenas, on sidewalks, in parking lots on sidewalks, steps, stairways or in any other public space. When these injuries occur, the property owner, operator, lessee or manager is often to blame for failing to fix or repair the condition, failing to warn of the dangerous condition or for causing the condition in the first place.

Injuries suffered in a slip and fall accidents are varied, but often include:

  • Joint injuries – twisted ankles or knees, wrist injuries, or damage to the tendons, cartilage or ligaments that hold joints together.
  • Broken bones – when falling into a curb or other hard object or simply from bracing yourself on a fall.
  • Neck and Back injuries – stress from a fall can cause intervertebral disc bulging, and herniations including painful pinched nerves.
  • Head injuries – including concussion and skull fractures can occur if the head makes contact with a hard object during a fall.

Please seek medical assistance immediately upon your fall if you are injured.  Emergency-room care or ambulance transportation may be necessary to ensure proper treatment of your injuries. Sometimes surgery will be required to repair damage; often where back, neck or joint injuries occur and for complex or sensitive bone fractures. Head injuries will always require hospitalization. Surgical implantation or insertion of metal rods, plates or screws, joint replacement or other large-scale procedures can also be required. Regardless of your age or health status, slip and fall injuries can be serious enough to leave you fully or partially disabled either temporarily, or permanently, and many injuries require ongoing physical therapy and sometimes more invasive procedures. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers help you recover the expense of these treatments as well as damages for any ongoing pain or resulting disability.

When you contact the slip and fall attorneys at Fishbeyn & Briskin, expect to be asked questions regarding your accident that will help them advise you and pursue your case. These may include:

  • Where did you slip and fall?
  • Can you provide a description of the accident and how it occurred?
  • Do you know what you slipped on? Where?
  • What were the weather conditions at the time of the accident or before the accident?
  • What type of shoes were you wearing?
  • Did you visit a hospital to seek treatment for your injuries? When and where?
  • Did you see any doctors about the injury? Who?
  • Have you received surgery or have a surgery scheduled?
  • Were there any witnesses who saw the accident?
  • Was a report prepared in connection with the slip and fall accident?
  • Can you describe your injuries and any physical or personal limitations they have caused?

These and other questions will help our attorneys to evaluate your case and begin the process of obtaining a financial settlement.

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